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Sun To Rain Rolling Roof

Rolling Roof is with aluminium roof differ from the book-ceiling. As Str Group, with experience of the many years, we are producing the newest and most qualified Rolling Roof system.

With the Rolling Roof system, you can do plication and gathering processes together in comparison with the other roof systems (Pergola, Awning, Motor Awning, Motor Pergola).

Thanks to that feature, Rolling Roof systems could be open like the sliding roof systems. Configurable angle, is also among the features of the Rolling Roof system.

Configurable roof angle and sliding system create a Natural Air-conditioner effect. It is also named as Bioclimatic pergola system.

Due to the configurable roof angle, day light could be used more fertile. Air stream that emerges during the folding process causes a natural air-conditioner effect, because of the system can be folding like Sliding Window system.

Rolling Roof system can also provide the shadowing feature of it with the natural air-conditioner effect that emerges during the folding process. Because of the roof is made with aluminium, the product can be used for a long time with a practical use.

With the all features of the Pergola systems, Rolling Roof is more functional and aesthetics thanks to the features that mentioned above. It provides more and more convenience to the user by being motorised and remote controlled.

Str Group, at the same time, is one of the Turkey Partners of the Italian motor producer Cherubini Motors and being preferred for all kinds of Pergola systems. We are using the all advantages of being an aluminium producer at the products that we develop.

Str Group, is a highly preferred brand thanks to the its R&D unit. All accessories of the Pergola systems, including the Rolling Roof, are produced by Str Group.

Rolling Roof is a Pergola system and the usage are of it vary from the Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Tea Gardens, Terraces to the Hotels that provide outdoor areas to the customers.

Str Group provides services with the Suntorain brand at the Rolling Roof Pergola systems.

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