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Automatic roller shutter systems that are produced by Str Group, beside providing a nice and aesthetic appearance to your place also make the outside of your place more protected against the day light and heat and increase safety.

Str Group has been in the aluminium producing job since 1956 and among the most preferred firms in the field. Str Group offers to customers durable and enduring products by using aluminium profiles at the automatic roller shutter systems.

Automatic roller shutter systems can be closed from the outside, so protect your home or workplace against the nature events like heat, rain, wind, snow or hail. Automatic roller shutter systems increase the heat efficiency to maximum level and provide cooler places in the summers and hotter places in the winter.

You may apply automatic roller shutter systems with inner peace whether your garages, home gates or workplaces.

Experienced montage team of the Str Group applies the automatic roller shutter systems wherever you want with great attention.

Motors that are produced by the globally known Italian motor producer Cherubini are being used with the automatic roller shutter systems. That’s why, all products that you will have are under the guarantee of the two leading firms in their fields, Str Group and Cherubini.

Automatic roller shutter systems are designed by considering the safety and comfort of the customers. Str Group offers a more comfortable and safe experience to the users by equipping the automatic roller shutter systems with motorized and automatization system. You may open or close the automatic roller shutter systems that work with remote controlled system with one button.

Automatic roller shutter systems that are produced by the Str Group can be painted in any colours and have lots of different pattern options. So, you can choose any colour or pattern and can design your place according to your aesthetic pleasure.

Automatic roller shutter systems have a wide range of using area from cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels to the houses, gardens and verandas.

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