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Sun To Rain Guillotine Window System

Guillotine window system is a folding, remote controlled window system that can be used to increase the air flow and the heat efficiency.

Thanks to the remote controlled using system, guillotine windows that consist of the vertical scroll panels provides a comfortable experience to the users. On the other hand, because of the aesthetic appearance, guillotine window systems that are produced by Str Group are highly preferred by the customers.

Guillotine window system is used via cassette ceiling that are produced with the experience of aluminium producing since 1956 by the Str Group. 6mm and 10mm windows that are placed into the cassette ceiling provide a maximum heat insulation for four seasons.

All accessories including the aluminium cassettes that are necessary for the guillotine window system are produced by the Str Group that is provide a permanent comfort to the users with the 82 years of experience. That experience at the field and the R&D investments of the Str Group, make the firm number 1 actor at the sector.

Researches that conducted by the experienced R&D team succeed the make the guillotine systems multi-functional. When the guillotine window system being opened completely, it looks like an aesthetic railing and also can be used as safety rail.

Moreover, thanks to the comfortable use of the remote-controlled system, guillotine windows can be opened as much as the user wishes. Because of that feature of it’s, users can increase the efficiency of the whether circulation.

Guillotine window system that is produced by the Str Group can be used for four seasons and has several usage areas like cafes, bars, tea gardens, personal rooms, winter gardens, roof floors and hotels.

Str Group has developed the aluminium producing job that it has maintained since 1956 by being partnership with the Italian motor producer Cherubini.

Guillotine window systems, Rolling Roof and Pergola systems, sliding window systems, zip curtain systems, automatic roller shutter blind and shutter systems and pool cover systems that are produced by the Str Group under the guarantee of the Str Group and Cherubini.

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