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Str Group procures a nice appearance to your place with the folding window systems that are designed according to your aesthetic pleasure. You can restore your home, workplace or garden to the look that you’ve been dreaming thanks to the folding window systems that are produced carefully by Str Group with easy and comfortable use with a nice appearance.

Str Group, can lay out the folding window systems that are designed with the contributions of the experienced R&D team and designers with threshold or non-threshold according to your wish.

You can increase much more the efficiency of the heat and day light thanks to the folding window systems that can transmit the daylight to every corner of your place. The system that can be opened as much as you want, offers you a comfortable use for four seasons.

The folding window systems are prepared by using 8mm or 10mm tempered glasses that are moved on the 5 rails.

In comparison with the normal windows, tempered glasses are more thick and secure. Thanks to tempered glasses both security and heat isolation being provided at once. The danger that occurs when the normal windows are broken into the small and sharp pieces disappears with the using of the tempered glasses.

The folding window systems that are produced carefully by the Str Group move on the 5 rails that are montaged with caution. The folding window systems are designed as the sectional windows that move on these rails. Thanks to the draft arms that are placed to the both side of the system, you will have a comfortable and easy use of system and you can pull the sectional glasses to the wherever you want.

The folding window systems that are produced with the experience of the Str Group that endures since 1956 can be used at the restaurants, cafes, bars, verandas, winter gardens or to separating cubicle offices. All products are under the guarantee of the Str Group.

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Our principle is to work continuously to prove our power and quality to the whole world.

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We are aiming for high standards with strong tools to drive innovation, action and efficiency.

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By carrying out the entire production process in its own right, we deliver the products in perfect and timely manner.

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We offer solutions for all products on the aluminum profile which is the requirement of international markets.