Pergola System is a stylish awning system with motor designed for sections such as a roof, balcony, terrace, smoking area. The pergola system, which can be designed according to different weather conditions, is a canopy system that can be opened and closed for different weather conditions by motor and control structures. Today, pergola systems developed for pastry shops, cafes, restaurants, shopping centers are known as motorized awning systems. The old fabric structure that the tente kelimiz has marketed leaves its place to motorized, remote controlled automatic tilt-down ceiling systems integrated with systems such as folding glass system consisting of aluminum profiles.

Pergola systems are mostly used for jobs such as smoking areas for outdoor areas where winter is always required, areas for winter weather reduction. Because of its motorized Pergola Systems and flexible structure, it is durable and also resistant to snowfall according to the region. In winter, motorized pergola systems produced by using aluminum profiles thicker than snow are produced more durable. Pergola systems are reinforced by aluminum profiles so that the ceiling does not collapse due to snow, hail or rainfall.

The Pergola system prevents the smell of cigarette smoke from being permanent in the smoking areas as the aluminum profile structure makes the closed area more decent. The pergola system is essentially a tarpaulin system and is produced according to the needs of different shapes. We are exporting our pergola system to nearly 50 countries such as the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, the Arabian peninsula, Europe, Africa and Iran in our modern production facilities. For the Pergola and awning systems we have developed with years of experience and knowledge, you can trust us and enjoy our quality.

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